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Egidio “Jimmy” Faiella, Mandolinist


Egidio was born and raised in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. This American-Italian mandolinista only knows of Old World Italy through his childhood memories of visiting his grandparents. Although he's never been to Italy, he vividly remembers beautiful Italian melodies from his childhood days... when he was a little boy, he actually thought everyone's grandpa played the mandolin! Young Egidio was captivated by the beautiful sounds of the mandolin and fell deeply in love with the music he heard because music was surely in his blood!

Egidio didn't begin to seriously play the mandolin until mid 1996. He says, "After my Grandfather passed away in 1981, my Grandmother gave me his mandolin. It actually collected dust in my closet for long periods. I only played it once or twice a year at special family gatherings and I only knew a handful of grandpa's favorites."

Like many children and grandchildren of Italian decent, Egidio was born and raised on American culture and music. Egidio makes it clear, "I've literally recorded and produced MANY different styles of music throughout my life and I can honestly say that NOTHING remotely compares to the feelings I experience when I play my mandolin... I close my eyes and feel like a little boy all over again... It's the GREATEST feeling!"

Inspired in early 1996 by a priceless homemade recording of his grandfather playing his mandolin and acoustic guitar, Egidio has mastered the feel and beautiful tones of the "Italian Folk Style" of Mandolin playing. The most emotional song for Egidio is an original musical composition entitled, "Egidio's Theme", which was created by his Grandfather. Egidio says, "I remembered that melody so clearly... when I first heard his tape, I could actually picture him playing it... Now that I'm older, I'm very proud of him for many different reasons... I can't explain how much I miss his excitement... the unique & beautiful emotions I felt when I heard that music... will live with me for the rest of my life.

For more on Egidio “Jimmy” Faiella, please Visit: http://www.mandolinista.com

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